Sunday, October 20, 2013

how to install EPSON T20E in ubuntu 13.10

when i will install printer EPSON T20T in UBUNTU 13.10, i get trouble "failed to add new printer", the way for fix it :

  • open your browser, and type on address bar : localhost:631
  • you can see web page like this

  • switch to administrator,click add printer and you must type user and password
  • select your local printer and continue
  • if you will not share the printer, click continue
  • select your printer model, and click continue
  • click set default options
  • switch to printer, you can see like this
  • finish, you can see printer in system setting ---> printers

note :  printer must "on"

sorry ya gan kalo bahasa inggris nya rada kacau, soalnya ane lagi belajar wkwkwkkw

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